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In acts 1:8 Jesus speaks to his disciples about staying put and waiting for the Holy Spirit to come, and that once He comes, to then go out into Jerusalem Judea Samaria and to the end of the world. A couple of years ago I was praying and the Lord spoke to me about this passage saying "So many focus on the world but forget about the Jerusalem". I Believe that God is calling this next generation of youth and students to reach their Jerusalem. 

Thats what this weekend is all about, We are going to wait and pray for Holy spirit to fill us to then go out into our community and be the Light that Jesus called us to be.  Join us On October 21-22nd, as we look to make a difference and Reach our Jerusalem 


  • Friday night: Brian Carswell (Eston College) 
  • Saturday Night: Kevin Deorksen (Local Teacher) 


  •  6:30: Registration
  • 7:30: Kick off
  • 7:45: worship
  • 9:30 Snack ( Chips salsa)


  • 09:30 Worship 
  • 10:15 workshop1
  • 11:15 workshop 2
  • 12:00 Lunch (Or Quiznos)  
  • 01:00: Prayer together
  • 1-30: Go out
  • 3:30-4:00: debrief 
  • 5:30 Supper (Spaghetti) 
  •  7:00-9:30: Service
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