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Their Facebook page is the best way to keep up with what's coming up...
VCF - Facebook Page

Short Version

  • Monday's 7:30p.m. Bible studies on Zoom 
  • Some Friday's social activities online

Visit VCF's Facebook for details.

Longer Version

Varsity Christian Fellowship is a tight-knit college Christian group that is all about community! Our Bible studies are student led to make sure what we talk about is relevant to you, and we provide students from all denominations with a safe and fun environment where they can meet new people while exploring their walk with Christ. As believers of Christ, it is our goal to help people grow in their relationship with God, with the support of other believers. One way we do that is through our regular Bible studies and hangouts, which take place every Monday evening starting at 7:30pm. Anyone is welcome to attend on any night! As University students, we love having fun! We host a dedicated event just for that every month -- campfires, photo scavenger hunts, potlucks, and more! VCF has also opened up volunteer opportunities for many students who find it in their hearts to give. If you're interested, contact us! We're more than willing to connect through any of our social media platforms. We post our important updates on our Facebook page, so you'll never be out of the loop. Remember, our meetings take place every Monday evening starting at 7:30pm. See you at a VCF meeting or event soon! FALL 2020 INFO: We're hosting a mix of online meetings on Zoom and in-person meetings, and our monthly events will still occur. For returning members, this means that the structure of our meetings will not change, so no worries there. For newcomers, while in-person meetings are preferred, this will give you a place to get familiar with the group and our Bible study before the University opens up. Again, contact us for more info!