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Hey everyone.

Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well. As most of you know, the government has updated their restrictions in order to fight the spread of Covid-19, and one of those restrictions does not allow us to have our regular Wednesday night youth services. Because of the new restrictions our team has come up with a fun plan for the next three weeks.   

We know that the youth are going to be doing a lot of learning online now, so we wanted to create a fun time for all the youth to come together online to relax and have fun. So, every Wednesday night starting at 7:00 p.m. we will be hosting a Zoom games night for the youth to come and join in on some fun online games. We will play a variety of games such as Among Us and many others, dividing into Breakout sessions on Zoom to accommodate the limited sizes per game ensuring everyone has an enjoyable experience!   

For the Zoom ID and password please contact Pastor Bryce at [email protected] and he will gladly give you the Information needed to get online. 


If you have any more questions about how we will be going about these services please email [email protected]ca[email protected]ca, or [email protected] and they will gladly respond as soon as they are able. We are looking forward to seeing you all in person again!

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