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Hello Parents and Kids

It is Easter, I hope you all enjoy this day as we celebrate the day that our Saviour rose from the grave and changed our world forever.  It is a great day to celebrate the great things that God has done us and remember His Love for us as he made it possible for our sins to be forgiven.  

Below you will find todays Bible Lesson, activities for the whole family, and a great opportunity to bless others in our community. 

If you have not participated in Easter Jam, make sure to check it out and have lots of fun as a family.  Dont forget to let us know how it went for your family.  Cant wait to hear some great stories how it went with your family.

Let's Brighten Someone's Day!

Here is an excellent opportunity to brighten someone's day! Maybe you already know that lots of Grandmas and Grandpas can't have visitors right now so that we don't give them any germs by accident.  

We called a few places where they are helping keep them safe, like Hillcrest, and said they would loooove if we could write them a note or colour a picture!  

After you have written your note or coloured a picture, please place it in an envelope and have your mom or dad drop it off in the church mailbox.  I don't think you are old enough to drive yet.  Then we will take them over! 

If you have any questions, you can call or email the church office. [email protected]

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He's Alive, He's Alive

Yancy Worship


Go Fish!

I Believe

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Jesus Is Alive

Easter Jam
Time to have some Family Fun

Easter Jam is for the whole family so get everyone togehter and have a great time and make sure to let us know how it all went.  Just find the link that you need in the download section just below this and have a great Easter celebrating together.