The Potential, The Power, The Possbilities Of Our Words

You may not realize this but one of the most important things that will determine your effectiveness during this time will be the words you use and how you use them. They will make you or break you. They will build others up or serve as a wrecking ball. They can inspire or dishearten you. They have the power to create or crush. The power and potential of your words will determine how your children and grandchildren succeed in life or whether they choose to serve Jesus. Your words may determine whether a person goes to heaven or hell.  

Have you ever thought about the power of your Words?  God speaks very clearly about this in His WORD, the Bible. Over the next few weeks, we will be speaking about the responsibility God has given us to speak words of life over words of death and the power of blessing over the power of the cursing. If this piques your interest I hope you can make it out Sunday mornings and that you can bring a friend. Our hope and prayer is that this message will be a challenge and a blessing to you.