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God is Working

  • Gluten Allergy Healed

    Our 7 year old daughter had struggled with absorbing & digesting certain foods. This had been the case ever since foods were introduced to her as a baby. Over the past year or so, we found moderate success by eliminating wheat, barley, rye flours (those that contain gluten). Sometimes we would almost forget that she had a sensitivity, because she had gone so long without any issues, that we would forget and order a regular pasta meal in a restaurant, or buy a treat from the bakery (etc) only to have the issues resurface again sending her right back into the bathroom or with cramps. This didn't always happen right away, sometimes the reaction would come the following day. Then during a Sunday night's service, one of the Pastors had a word of knowledge about the Lord wanting to heal stomach issues. I don't remember him being very specific, but I turned to my daughter and said, "Put your hand up! This is for you!" After the service, we went home and the following day I laughed because we had nothing in our home (freezer, fridge, cupboards or otherwise) to "test" her healing. The following day I made a point of buying freshly baked hambuger buns for supper. Those didn't cause any issue that evening. We had cereal the following morning. We had sandwiches, muffins, and many baked good that week without a single issue.  We are many weeks past that Sunday service now and she is still healed and eating whatever she wants without issue.  Thank you Jesus!

  • Multiple Vision Problems Healed

    During one of our Sunday evening services, through a word of knowledge, an elderly lady, who suffered from double vision all her life, was instantly healed as the word was delivered. During this same service a man who had been suffering from pain behind his eyes & deterioration of the optic nerves with glaucoma like symptoms began to manifest his healing as well with all pain leaving and the symptoms began to progressively leave his eyesight.

  • Jaw Nerve Pain Healed

    During one of our Sunday evening services, through a word of knowledge, a young lady who suffered from nerve pain in her jaw was instantly healed through word of knowledge. She only noticed after leaving the service later that night as she was getting ready for bed and realized that the pain was gone and she could move it free from pain.

  • Torn Meniscus Healed

    I had suffered for many years with problems with my knee.  After many doctor visits I was referred to a specialist and was examined.  They discovered that I was suffering from a torn meniscus and the doctor said that I would need surgery to help ease my pain but that even with surgery it would never be 100% again.  I went to a church service where one of Bethel's Pastors was ministering and during the ministry time the Pastor said that there was somone in the crowd who had a problem with their right knee and that God wanted to heal it.  I quickly put my hand up and received prayer.  I could feel heat and tingling in my body as they prayed for me.  I was schedlueld for a pre-op visit with my specialist the following week.  When the specialist checked my knee he was amazed and said it looks like I won't be needing surgery after all.  The torn meniscus was completely healed and I've been pain free and healed since.  

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03 June 2016 7:00 pm

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Bethel Christian Assembly 440 Richmond Avenue, Brandon, MB R7A, Canada

We will join together as a church family to lift our voices in prayer, praise and decree to minister to the presence of God. Asking Him to come and to bring a greater manifestation of His Presence int...

Women's Journey of Faith

10 June 2016 7:00 pm

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Bethel Christian Assembly 440 Richmond Avenue, Brandon, MB R7A, Canada

Women's Journey of Faith
Guests: Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson - National co-host for the 700 club Canada. She is from Vancouver BC. Bailey Riza - Singer, songwriter and musician with Faith Alive Band in Saskatoon. Tickets:

Brandon Outpouring Campmeeting

22 June 2016 7:00 am - 25 June 2016 7:00 pm

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Keystone Centre 1175 18th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 7C5, Canada



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