The Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit's Ministry

We believe the words that Jesus spoke when He said "without Me, you can do nothing", so we value His presence and works.

The Principle of Honour

Firstly to God as our Father and Creator, and secondly to our fellow man.


Jesus always took time alone as a man on earth to remove Himself from distraction and connect heaven with earth.

Unity of the Spirit

Unity in our local assembly as well as with the Body of Christ at large throughout the nations.


We believe that the Word of God is truth and therefore we hold fast to the Word of God as our foundation upon which we conduct all matters of life and ministry.

Healthy Authentic Relationships

We believe that God's intent for the church was to live, act, and conduct life together as a community of believers living together as a healthy family.


We believe that our Father, God, is passionate in His love and pursuit of us as His children. Therefore we encourage our people in the passionate pursuit of the Lord and all that He has for them in their daily walk of life.