Update: in-person meetings are cancelled or postponed for now. Watch us online


What time is Church?

Our Sunday services start at 10:30am and 6:00pm.

What is the parking like?

When you arrive at Bethel for one of our services, you can park in the front parking lot and use the main entrance, or you can use the entrance on the West side of the building. There is good signage to help you find your way.

Where do I go?

At either door, there should be some friendly people to say hello, and guide you towards our information kiosk if you have any questions. There is seating on the main floor and balcony seating upstairs. Balcony seating is only available for morning services.

Where do my children go?

If you have children, we have a wonderful Children's Ministry during our Sunday morning services. Visit the check in kiosk in the main foyer where someone will help you check in your child(ren) by filling out a short registration form and get a name tag for your child(ren). Ages 2 and up can be brought upstairs. Children ages newborn to 2 years old can stay in the Little Lambs Nursery located in the main foyer right beside the main auditorium or sanctuary for ease of access to your little one. We've developed a good security system so you'll know your children are safe and well cared for. If your children are shy, they're welcome to attend the adult service with you, but most children really enjoy the children's programs. If you have a newborn or toddler who just won't leave your side and you need a quiet space, you are welcome to join them in the nursery. The service audio is broadcasted into the room so you won't miss out on what's happening. To make the children feel welcome in the adult service, on the first Sunday of each month we do not start Children's Ministry until after the adult worship service.  During July and August, Children's Ministry starts after the adult worship service each Sunday.

How should I dress?

You'll notice that everyone is dressed comfortably, in anything from suits, office casual, to jeans and sneakers. You should wear what you're comfortable wearing.

What's the music like?

The service usually begins with some upbeat music. The worship team is made up of very gifted musicians. We sing most of the current music and some older hymns too. We use a variety of instruments including piano, drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass and occasionally violin, mandolin and saxaphone. If you don't know the songs, that's alright, the words are displayed on screens for our convenience. We like to incorporate multimedia into our service, so you may see videos and stage lights at some point in the service.

Will we ask for money?

We do provide an opportunity for our regular attendess to give an offering each week. We believe that tithes and offerings are an important part of the believer's relationship with Jesus Christ. There is no charge for you to come, and you need not feel guilty if you have nothing to put in. We hope you'll simply be our guest on your first visit. We do hope you'll fill out the visitor's card provided.

What is the preaching like?

The messages are interesting, enjoyable, and relevant to daily life. The message will always be Biblically based. Hopefully, you'll laugh at times and maybe feel a tug at your heart too - our goal is to be a vessel through which the Spirit of the Lord speaks to you directly.

How long is it?

We focus on spending quality time in God's presence but also honoring your time. The morning service ends at 12 pm. After the service, parents are required to pick up their kids from their classrooms, and then we hope you'll stay around, meet some people or even join us for lunch at one of the local restaurants. The evening service is a little longer and typically ends around 8 pm.

Are the morning service and the evening service the same service?

The morning and evening services are completely different. There is a different worship team that leads different songs and a different pastor that gives a different message. A lot of people attend both services. The evening service does not have kids church. It tends to have a worship service that's a little louder and longer. It's a great way to experience what God is doing in our church on a deeper level.