Connect groups are a key aspect of our church community. They are a great way to connect with God and each other as well as meet new people.  Most groups will meet weekly in the home of a group member or be hosted at the Church. 

For this session of Connect Groups child care is only provided for group A.

Winter 2024 Sessions of Connect Groups are starting January 14th Here is a list of the groups/topics:

Group A:
"The Screw Tape Letters" Register Here!
Sundays starting Jan 14th

  • Host: Joshua Bambridge, at their home. For directions please call or text, (204) 724-0132,
    Sunday evenings starting at 6:30.
    Childcare is provided.
  • From the Christian perspective, to be ignorant of the spiritual realm and demonic strategies to influence choices and exploit our weakness is dangerous. Fortunately, as Christians we have been sealed with the Holy Spirit who provides us clarity of thought and cuts through devilish manipulations so that we might discover refreshing, simple, and straightforward truth. This book and study will help us have more clarity and revelation to help us in our journey as image bearer of Christ. And so C.S. Lewis launches us into a collection of devilish letters from Uncle Screwtape to his “nephew” Wormwood in his classic and widely popular, The Screwtape Letters

Group B:
"Getting out of Your own Head" Register Here!
Mondays starting Jan 15th

  • Host Charmaine Abey at Bethel Monday nights starting January 14th from 7pm-8:30.
  • Getting out of your Own Head: Is a book and discussion on mental awareness and combatting self doubts. 

Group C:
"Experiencing God" Register Here!
Thursdays starting Jan 18th

  • Host: Pastor Mike at Mark and Barb Schrams house for directions please contact the host or Church office. 
  • Experiencing God: A great series and discussion on maximizing our relationship with God.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the church office!
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 204-727-0639