Connect groups are a key aspect of our church community. They are a great way to get to know God and each other better as well as meet new people.  Most groups will meet weekly in the home of a group member or online.

The capacity of each group will depend on the location to make it a safe and enjoyable experience. Connect Groups are divided into 3 semesters of 10 weeks each.  You only sign up for 1 semester of 10 weeks at a time.  Groups will close 3 weeks after the semester starts, but don't worry, the next semester will start before you know it. 

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Connect Groups Start Soon!
The Next Semester Starts September 2020.

In-Person Connect Groups

This semester, in-person Connect Groups will be following Pastor Mike's sermon series, "500-Pound Gorillas”. This series will discuss the controversial topics that are sometimes easier to avoid but are crucial conversations that shape our beliefs.  Topics include racism, a Biblical approach to LGBTQ, wrestling with mental illness and more.

Online Connect Groups

This semester, online Connect Groups will be doing a study by J.D. Greear on the book of Judges via Zoom. In this series, pastor and author J.D. Greear wades into the book of Judges to shine a light onto the muddy waters of human rebellion. The stories and truths within are not just archaic tales with no relevance for us today. Rather, J.D. works through each chapter unpacking the truth of God’s grace in the midst of human wickedness, and shows how only the divine can redeem the fallen. Preview on RightNow Media

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