Connect groups are a key aspect of our church community. They are a great way to get to know God and each other better as well as meet new people.  Most groups will meet weekly in the home of a group member.   We try to keep the capacity of each group to 20 people.  Connect Groups are divided into 3 semesters of 10 weeks each.  You only sign up for 1 semester of 10 weeks at a time.  Groups will close 3 weeks after the semester starts but don't worry, the next semester will start before you know it.  The next semester of Connect Groups Starts January 27, 2020.


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The next semester starts January 27, 2020.

Each Connect Group is learning a different topic for this semester.  The semester is only 10 weeks and some of the groups are family friendly.  Visit the links below to learn more.

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