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Thank you to everyone who gave to this campaign.  We raised the $1,000 as of June 29, 2020.


One of our missionaries that is in a Restricted Access Nation reached out to us with a need this week.  For security reasons, we can’t share their name or location other than it is in Latin America.

They are in dire need of funds to purchase food for the seniors in their community.  What is being rationed to them by the government is insufficient and bad quality. There is an immediate need of $1,000.  I wish I could share more details, but we want to protect our missionaries in these restricted areas. 

This is an excellent opportunity to Be-the-love and Be-the-light Bethel Family.

Click here for the different ways you can give online, or text “give” to 204-817-8333

If you are giving by e-transfer, please put “Latin America” in the message box along with your contact information so we can send out any eligible receipts.