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On October 13th, 2020 Pastor Mike was on Part 2 of the 800 lb Gorillas Series.  He asked, “Is there a hole in our gospel when it comes to our response to poverty?” Jesus was very clear that the Gospel included helping the poor. In Luke 14:13-14 Jesus said, “But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed. Although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.”

The point wasn’t about hosting a banquet for the poor, it was about putting your faith in action.  The book of James takes it one step further saying our faith without works is dead (James 2:26).

Near the end of the message, Pastor Mike shared a thought he had earlier that morning.  What would happen if each Bethel Family gave $50 and we put it all together and said, this is not going to Bethel, this is going to our community; going to something that is trying to solve the problem of poverty.

Let’s turn that thought into a reality and show our community that Bethel Cares; that Bethel has a heart to give.  During the week of November 22-29, we are asking each Bethel Family to give $50 toward the “Bethel Cares” initiative to help Samaritan House with their Safe & Warm Shelter Expansion.

Samaritan House began “a million dollar project that will see the building's roof replaced, a new HVAC system installed and spare rooms — that previously weren't up to current building code standards — turned into extra shelter space.”  So far they have raised almost half of their goal.

Let’s put our faith put into action as our declaration to Brandon that the gospel is real.

Our Goal for Bethel Cares is $10,000. 

That is only $50 from 200 Bethel families.

Let’s show Brandon that Bethel Cares; that we want to Be-the-love!  Will you take up the challenge and donate $50 today?

You can donate online with debit or credit. Please mark your donation, “Bethel Cares”.

If that goal of $50 isn't in your budget, please feel free to donate what you can.

The best fee-free way to give is e-transfer. You can e-transfer to [email protected] Please put your full name, email and "Bethel Cares" in the notes section. (Example: John Smith, [email protected], Bethel Cares).  This way, we can get you a tax receipt for eligible donations.

Our e-Transfer account is set up as a direct deposit so there is no keyword or password required.

For other ways to give, please visit our donate page.

Learn more about Samaritan House.

Read more about the Safe & Warm Shelter Project.