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Position Summary

  • Must be able to work and communicate well with staff, volunteers and guests.
  • Be organized and task-oriented.
  • Have good health and physical stamina.
  • Committed to Bethel Brandon

Responsibility Summary

  • Strive to maintain a clean and inviting church.
  • Follow cleaning procedures and schedules.
  • Report building damage on incident reports.
  • Organize church set up as per rental agreements.
  • Ensure there is a supply of cleaning and paper products.
  • Capable of performing all other duties as assigned.
  • Physical strength for light/medium lifting duties.
  • Ability to visually assess the cleanliness of the building.
  • Maintain necessary records of work performance and work completed.
  • Help with maintenance issues that arise.
  • Mowing & trimming of grass of property.
  • Clear snow on sidewalks, entrances ways, emergency exits and apply ice melt.
  • Change air handler filters on scheduled basis & lubricate bearings.

Please contact Lianne (Administrator) if you have any further questions and to send your resume.


Call: 204-727-0639

The closing date for applications is August 1st.

Start date TBA